The Difference Between DIY Roofing And Hiring A Professional Roofer

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What do you usually do when your roof needs checking or repair? Do you do it by yourself or you call your roofer? Roofing can be a dangerous task. One needs to be careful and, if possible, use safety and security gears. I think one should never try doing things on the roof if he is inexperienced and not really sure what to do.

Roofers are always there to help home and property owners. They offer a variety of services from inspection, repair, replacement and cleaning. Well, actually it really depends on the roofing contractor, on what services they offer. Since scam and fraud is common nowadays, one must be careful in choosing and hiring a roofer. Make sure that you hire a reliable and licensed roofing contractor visit this website.

You could try doing things on your own but keep in mind that there’s a difference between your work and with the professionals. Here’s something you need to know about DIY roofing and professional roofing:


Roofing can be a dangerous task. No matter what your roof looks like, it’s probably pitched, there’s no railing, and it’s quite a few feet off the ground. So when something goes wrong, whether you’ve got a leak, a few shingles came off in the last storm, or your roof needs serious repairs, it’s hard to know if you should buckle up and do it yourself, or call a professional. Here’s a few pros and cons to DIY vs hiring a professional.

Do It Yourself:

  • Pros – If it’s a simple repair, like applying some sealant over a small roof leak or replacing a shingle or two, fixing it yourself might not be so bad. If you built your own home or recently replaced your roof, you might already have leftover shingles, so you save on product costs, and you’ll also save the cost of hiring someone. See more…

Places to visit in Scranton

Pulaski Statue

Casimir Pulaski was a Polish nobleman, soldier and military commander who has been called “the father of the American cavalry”. He was born on March 6, 1745 and died on October 11, 1779. Pulaski has had hundreds of monuments, memorial plaques, streets, parks and similar objects named after him.

C85Q+8F Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA

Hillside Park

hillside-park-paHillside Park is a multi-faceted regional recreation facility on 100 acres of former state-owned farm land on PA Route 307, at 1188 Winola Road, in South Abington Township. The park is bordered by the Clarks Summit State Hospital and the Scranton Country Club. It contains the Abington Senior Center and Eston Wilson Lake located on its property.

The park is home to the Abington Youth Soccer League, Abington Travel Soccer, Abington GirlsSoftball League, Abington Junior Comets Football and Cheerleading theessayclub and Abington Pick-Up Soccer.

F7P9+35 Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, USA


The Importance Of Keeping The Roof Clean

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To make the roof last longer, it should be kept clean and well maintained. But how do homeowners do these things? How do they maintain and keep the roof clean? There are so many tips shared on how to maintain the roof discover more here. But, of course, you should only do it if you are experienced. Doing things on the roof requires safety and security gears.

You can always hire a roofer to do the regular maintenance inspection and cleaning. It can cost you some money but at least it’s the safest way. Besides, keeping your roof clean and well maintained will help you save a lot. If you are not convinced about how keeping the roof clean can help prolong its life, then read some information from here:

How Keeping Your Roof Clean Can Prolong Its Life and Save Money

Your roof is probably one of the most overlooked features of your home. However, keeping your roof clean and free of debris is an important step in keeping it structurally sound and prolonging its life. Here are five reasons to clean your roof regularly.

  1. Curb Appeal

Unsightly stains from moss, mold and algae detract from your home’s curb appeal. A roof that is cleaned and maintained regularly is aesthetically pleasing and adds to the property’s overall appearance. Not only are these issues unattractive, but they also lead to the deterioration of your roof. Not all Jacksonville roofing companies offer shingles that are resistant to algae growth and can reduce the amount of cleaning required, so make sure to ask your contractor if they install these shingles.

  1. Damage prevention

The climate, environment and the elements all cause wear and tear on your roof. Cleaning your roof and removing debris that builds up seasonally can help prevent potential damage. See more…

Things to do in Scranton

Electric City Trolley Museum


The Electric City Trolley Museum is located in downtown Scranton, Pennsylvania. It was established in 1999. It is owned by the Electric City Trolley Museum Association. The Museum is next to the Steamtown National Historic Site. The museum displays and operates restored trolleys and interurbans on former lines of the Lackawanna and Wyoming Valley Railroad, which are now owned by the government of Lackawanna County and operated by the Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad.

C85G+RH Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA

The Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic

The Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic is the only fully professional symphony in the region. The NEPA Philharmonic regularly performs in facilities such as the Scranton Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple, The Theater at Lackawanna College in Scranton, the F.M. Kirby Center for the Performing Arts in Wilkes-Barre and Wyoming Seminary’s Kirby Center for the Creative Arts. The organization is comprised of a 21 member governing Board of Directors, and three full-time and three part-time employees.

The concert series include classical and pop-themed performance programs. Independence Day concerts offered free of charge to the community, and holiday performances incorporating local choral and dance groups.

63QR+6W Wilkes-Barre, Plains Township, PA, USA

How To Prepare Your Home For A Roof Replacement

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Our home must be prepared when having a roof replacement. It’s just like when we are having a home renovation. You must prepare where people in your house should stay while work is going on. Pets should be kept away from workers as they are considered outsiders or strangers. This will help you avoid any incidents with the pets and workers.

Also make sure to secure valuables because sometimes thieves go with the busy flow of the day and do their thing. Furniture, appliances and other things should be set aside to make way to avoid traffic. These are just some of the thing you need to do when preparing for a roof replacement but you can find more from here:

10 tips to prepare for a home roof replacement

Getting a brand new roof can be an exciting experience. Kids and pets may watch in awe as they observe roofers ripping, tearing, hauling, and nailing – they may even want to sneak as close as possible to the action. That, of course is extremely dangerous. Once the roofing company arrives, your house is a work zone. Work zones, as you can imagine, pose unexpected hazards.

Long Roofing prioritizes making roof replacement stress-free and seamless. However, there are major safety precautions and preparations you can make so you’re 100% ready.

Here are 10 tips to help make your roof replacement go as smoothly as possible. At the end of the day, we want you and your family to stay safe when the shingles start to fly.

Preparing your home before any construction begins is very important. All homeowners must be aware of that. This is to avoid accidents, loss and other unexpected crisis. For more information and tips on preparing your home for a roof replacement check this.

Things to do in Scranton

Gertrude Hawk Chocolates


The company was started by Gertrude Jones Hawk in 1936. It is a chocolate company based in Dunmore, Pennsylvania. Hawk began her career at the age of 12 after the death of her father. She took a job in a candy shop and later began making chocolates in the kitchen of her home in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Following World War II, her son Elmer Hawk invested his service pay in the fledgling business enabling the family to purchase mechanical chocolate making equipment. The family also used their products in fundraising sales through area churches and schools. Elmer Hawk died on October 18, 2013. He died at 89 years old after coming down with an illness. He was the CEO of the company from 1979 until 1992, when his son David took over from him.

C9QR+X4 Throop, Pennsylvania, USA

University of Scranton


The University of Scranton is a private, non-profit, co-educational, Catholic and Jesuit research university. It is located in the historic Hill Section of Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States. It was founded in 1888 by William O’Hara, the first Bishop of Scranton, as St. Thomas College. The College was elevated to university status and took the name The University of Scranton in 1938. The institution was operated by the Diocese of Scranton from its founding until 1897.

The University enrolls approximately 6,000 graduate and undergraduate students. Most of its students are from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York.

C84V+F6 Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA

Important Things You Need To Know Before Roof Replacement

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roofers in actionAre you planning to have a roof replacement project soon? What makes you decide on having it? There are many things to consider before replacing the roof you could check here. A homeowner must get professional advice before carrying out a roof replacement for his property. One must choose the right roofing materials, design, style and more.

Budget is also very important. Your house may not be suited to have that roofing material which you find affordable. Having an extra savings can help you adjust if the roofing material recommended for your property may cost a little expensive.

The communication between you and your roofer must be open and transparent. All questions and doubts should be answered and clarified. Roof replacement can cost you much so make sure you get your money’s worth. Before having a roof replacement, here are some things you need to know:

5 Things to Know Before You Replace Your Roof

The roof is arguably the most important component of your house. After all, it keeps water out of the building. And while nobody likes having to pay to replace a roof, the critical and aesthetic function it serves should help ease the pain of spending $8,000 to $20,000 on the work. (The average, according to 2014 cost data collected by home improvement site Angie’s List, is around $11,000.)

For that kind of money, you want to make sure job is done right. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Shop around

Some roofers don’t worry much about customer satisfaction since replacing a roof is a once-every-few-decades job, which means they don’t have to count on repeat business. Read full article here…

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note-fragrances-in-scrantonNote Fragrances

Explore the power of scent and it’s connection to you at NOTE Fragrances in downtown Scranton, PA. NOTE Fragrances is Boutique Perfumery where you discover your scent story and create your own fragrance by hand in their Custom Perfume Studio. Smell their house blend of fragrances for him and her, browse their retail line of candles and personal care products. You can also have a seat at their Fragrance Bar to sample their Scents of the Month.

C85P+G3 Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA

Nibbles & Bits

Nibbles & Bits was established in 1985. It was founded with the love for quality food & quality presentation by a local Northeastern Pennsylvania family. Sticking true to its roots nearly 33 years later, they still create decorative gift baskets & gift bags filled with the tastiest hand selected gourmet treats from all over the United States from candied popcorn to homemade chocolate, artisan cheese to fancy nuts plus a hint of eclectic gift items. The store is located on Green Ridge section of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

C9J2+W9 Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA

Things To Consider When Replacing The Roof

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If the damage on one’s roof is so severe, it will probably need a roof replacement. The roofer must make sure he checked the roof thoroughly before coming up with this intervention. Roof replacement may cost much but it will probably be the best for the property.

Homeowners need to make sure that their roofs are kept clean and well maintained for it to function well. Roof provides safety and security during the different weather conditions so it must be free from leaks and other damages. Ignoring these things will become a bigger problem in the long run.

Make sure you have an experienced and professional roofer to be able to achieve a successful roof replacement project. There are also many things to consider when replacing the roof look at this web-site. Homeowners and roofers must be aware of these things. You can learn some do’s and don’ts on roof replacement from here:

The Do’s and Don’ts When Replacing Your Roof

If you have ever gone through the process of replacing your roof, you know it can be a major undertaking. From the initial preparations to the materials you choose, each detail can make a huge impact on the success of your project.

For those of you who have ever wondered why a tile’s color matters or what you should consider when choosing a contractor, we have put together a list of helpful do’s and don’t’s for when it’s time to replace your roof.

Selecting a Material

Do consider different materials: Take the time to learn about different materials. Chances are that your roof will last for decades to come and this is your best opportunity to make improvements. Did you know, for example, that different materials and colors can drastically impact heat transference? Read more…

Things to do in Scranton

Marine Corps League Museum

The Marine Corps League building is at Scranton, Pennsylvania. It was built in 1936 and was completed in 1982. The Museum is located inside the Marine Corps League Building. All Dioramas were built by Gerald Maus Sr. Mr. Maus served with the United States Army and had great respect for the Marine Corps. A pictorial walk into the history of the United States Marine of different eras is featured in the Museum. They are always adding new artifacts in it.

98RX+6H Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA

Lackawanna County Courthouse

Lackawanna-County-Courthouse-scranton-paThe Lackawanna County Courthouse was built in 1884. It has a 3 1/2-story rectangular masonry building with a raised basement. It was then enlarged in 1896 with the addition of the third story and reconstruction of the roof. A courthouse wing was built in 1964. The courthouse was the site of the first session in 1902 Anthracite Coal Strike Commission. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1997.

C85Q+73 Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA

Do’s And Don’ts On Roof Renovations

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It is always recommended to do regular roof inspection to ensure that everything’s okay on the roof and to ensure that no problems will suddenly occur. During roof inspection, the roofer may find something that might need repair or replacement. Finding out damages while it’s not too late will prevent you from spending more when it is found out too late and has turned into a bigger problem.

Also remember that your roofer must be reliable and licensed to avoid being scammed and to get the best services possible. Repairing and replacing the roof can also be referred to as roof renovation. Like houses and other areas of the house, the roof too needs renovation from time to time.

The roof needs to be inspected thoroughly before doing roof renovations. Roof renovation also needs to be done carefully. Click here for more roof renovation information. There are also some do’s and don’ts when doing roof renovations, learn them from here:

Roofing Renovation: 6 Do’s And Don’ts For Success

The lifespan of commercial roofing systems varies depending on geography, climate, roof type, and other factors, but at some point, every roofing system needs to be reevaluated. Renovations not only ensure safety for building occupants, but also verify the system will keep energy costs to a minimum and prevent problems from occurring later on. Facility managers can work with their roofing contractors to determine the best course of action for a roofing system, but it’s important the facility professional be as informed as possible when making decisions about his or her building.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind before undergoing your next roofing renovation:

DO determine the current state of your roof. It’s important to figure out whether your roof needs an overlay or a complete tear-off and roof replacement. During a roof recover, a new membrane or roofing system is installed over the current roof, while a tear-off completely removes the roof down to an exposed deck. Read full article here…

Things to do in Scranton

Albright Memorial Building Scranton Public Library

albright-memorial-building-scrantonAlbright Memorial Building is also known as Scranton Public Library. It is a historic library building located in Scranton, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. The building was designed in 1890 and completed in 1893. It was designed by the Buffalo, New York architectural firm, Green & Wicks. Buffalo entrepreneur, philanthropist and former Scranton resident, John J. Albright donated the building and dedicated it in memory of his parents.

C86R+C5 Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA

Lucchi Family Wine Cellars

Lucchi Family Wine Cellars is a family-run Pennsylvania Winery. Robert and Mark Lucchi are vinters of the old-fashioned, homemade wine school. The Wine Cellars grows and uses their local grapes in their wines. The original vines were planted in the 1970’s, which today produces multiple barrels of Lucchi Family Wine Cellar’s Concord Estate wine.

C87C+68 Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA